Where I Live

We live in London now

Last night I went round to a friend’s house for dinner, we met on our BA Illustration course and neither of us are from London. Or the UK. I asked her about her experience and why she isn't looking to go home any time soon…


It's an amazing place that gives you the best of both worlds: tranquility and adventure.
The view from my bedroom window in Camberwell

I Love South East London

That's right, 'I Love South East London', words I would never have expected myself to say this time two years ago, having spent almost my whole lif



Because it's a proportionately cheap vibrant area. It's much cheaper than Brixton, Camberwell, Clapham and most places in the East.
South Bank!

Manna Ash House

I love living at Manna Ash because of its location, I enjoy walking along South Bank, but also being able to walk to almost anywhere within central Lo


It's very close to Camberwell College of Arts (where I study), I can get to most other places via bus and the local shops are reasonably priced
Canary Wharf - Isle of Dogs - London

Canary Wharf

Everything you need as in shops places to eat, relaxing and quiet during the weekends if you like being away from crowds. Stress Free Environment.

Maida Hill

Mainly because Westminster has the cheapest council tax in the country and my street is literally meters from the bounder into Brent.
Dalston Roof Park

Richmond road

I live in Richmond road, between Dalston and Hackney. I love it here for the quietness of the neighborhood.
Muswell Hill Street Scene

Muswell Hill

It feels like you are not anymore in London. Extremely quiet and safe vibe. The properties are amazing.

Wandsworth Town

There's a massive Sainsbury's about a 2 minute walk away and all the benefits of a shopping centre, cinema etc right on our doorstep.
Tufnell Park Halls of residence

Tufnell Park

Convenient, quiet, really spacious kitchen and great flatmates. The nicest set of halls I've been to in London.


It is quite central, the market is great with the best fruits and veg.
St. Nicholas Church in Shepperton.


My home town has its history ...and its fair share of interesting residents! For example, J. G.