What Zoe did next

Moving on

So it's been 6 months (give or take) since I started telling tales on my graduate experience.

Away we go

In about six weeks time I’ll be packing my bags and flying to India! I can barely believe it.

Learning & Teaching Day

When I’m not making things, I can often be found hiding behind my camera freelancing as a photographer at various events and workshops.

Talented Folk 2.

So it’s been a while since I gushed about Lauren’s talents and I figured it was time I showed you the work of someone else.

Good things

Just thought I’d swing by to mention that you can now buy a selection of my products over at Culture Label.


Hey 2013 lets do this!

Stumped wishlist

I meant to post my stumped studio wish list before christmas but then things got inexplicably busy – as usual

On my reading list

Way back in January I decided to try and read a book a week or 52 books this year, so ambitious maybe? definitely!


I’m so bored of reworking the same old Cv. In fact it isn’t old but just seems old by virtue of the amount of times I’ve had to look at recently!

frieze art fair


So Frieze is all over! it was a long and intense slog but totally worth it. I got to meet some lovely folk who I hope to stay in touch with.

Cutting edge & such

So today is a good day, the sun is shining and I have the place to myself. I’m writing a proposal for an exhibition somewhere very exciting.

salad days, London design festival, pop up shop

Salad Days

After an intense few days of setting up, running to Southampton to speak at a conference and almost collapsing after way too many 3am bed times and

Pulse trade fair

In the height of busyness in the last few weeks of term I decided to enter a submission for Pulse Trade fair.