London street scene photograph

From Home to Halls

Moving away from home to go to university is a scary concept for many soon to be first year students and London may seem even scarier due to it’s s

What Do I Want To Bring?

One of my favourite things about studying Fine Art, as I'm sure it is for many art/design students on their respective courses, is that we have a g

Dealing with Deadlines

It's nearly the end of term: Hooray, you've made it through the first part of the university year, which is even more significant if this is your f

Illustration of Myatt's field by N.M Ferraro

People and Places/ Myatt Field's Park

Myatt Field's Park is a tiny gem tucked away in Camberwell. Beautiful to behold regardless of season, it's hard not to fall in love. 

My Spending Diary

I think we all find that we can barely bring up the subject of being a student without the tricky topic of money rearing its ugly head somewhere in

Making the most of nine grand

You can barely talk to anybody about university without mentioning it, the dreaded £9000 annual fees.

Life as a Fine Art Student

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me about what 'Fine Art' actually is, and what I do everyday at college, I'd be pretty well off right

The view from my bedroom window in Camberwell

I Love South East London

That's right, 'I Love South East London', words I would never have expected myself to say this time two years ago, having spent almost my whole lif

Glassyard Building

Find out about the Glassyard Building Halls of Residence in Lambeth...