New students logging in to commonplace

Hi! If you are heading to UAL and London this September/October and want to use commonplace to find flatmates, you can do so by logging in with the student ID that registry sent you and your password is your D.O.B in dd/mm/yyyy format. If you have already logged in to UAL services and changed your password, use this to sign in to commonplace too. Have a great rest of the summer and look forward to seeing you in the new term (we'll be at Freshers on the 30 September!).



I want...

Hello! I'm looking for a few things, if someone has it and want to sell it, please tell me:
-dummy size 12 student form
-a sewing machine
-Small secretary desk


vintage vogue italia and dutch magazines

I have a selection of late 90's - early 2000 magazines to give away in exchange for .... can be discussed depending on your skill set.


pick up only, near Exmouth market  WC1.

These are heavy so use a trolley or suitcase to transport.