New students logging in to commonplace

Hi! If you are heading to UAL and London this September/October and want to use commonplace to find flatmates, you can do so by logging in with the student ID that registry sent you and your password is your D.O.B in dd/mm/yyyy format. If you have already logged in to UAL services and changed your password, use this to sign in to commonplace too. Have a great rest of the summer and look forward to seeing you in the new term (we'll be at Freshers on the 30 September!).



Photographer needed for my fashion and lifestyle blog


I will be starting BA Fashion Journalism at CSM this September and I have recently updated my fashion blog. I would really appreciate if someone could please help me by taking photos for my fashion posts.

I will credit and mention you in all my social media platforms and I am open to offering my skills in return.

Please let me know if you are interested!



Digital Developer Required


Hello to everyone, I'm Francesca, a master student of Design Management at LCC.
For my final project I'm working at an idea that comes from my passion for traveling and discovering new cultures and different ways to approach creativity.


MA Fashion Futures student looking for a video editor- PAID

Hello! I'm a MA Fashion Futures student working on my final project and I'm in need of a video editor. I'm creating a series of mini-docuementary style shorts and I need help editing down 3 interviews to 2-3 mintue clips each. I can pay for your time if you have experience editing film. Please send me an email if you're interested and a link to your work.


CCW BA Fine art student looking for volunteers!

I'm looking for people to be featured in my video art. The video is going to consist of multiple interviews with random people about themselves. I welcome individuals to come by yourself, with a friend, relative, even with a whole group. I can interview you while were getting to know eachother or I can film your interactions with whoever you brought with you.


Work Experience needed for a start up Footwear company

Hi, I'm advertising on behalf of my friend, who's starting up a footwear company. They are looking for students who are 'Innovate designers & creators who can bring a product to life from design stage'. Knowledge of good materials is required. If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me and I will pass your details on. Many thanks Charlene Christian


Looking for a Stylist for next Thursday afternoon.

I am a BA Fashion Photography Student looking for a Fashion Stylist for next Thursday - 20th. I have a photo shoot with the lovely Leila Jay and am looking to collaborate in order to create a high fashion aesthetic. The shoot will be from 12-4 and will be on location is Essex. I can give greater details into the shoot if you're interested.


Collaborators - contemporary dancer/ vocal improv/ performance art/ theatre/ circus

Hi I am Natalie. I am a third year BA Fine Art PTBM student at Wimbledon College of Arts. I am aiming to make one performance collaboration a week.

These collaborations will take the form of improvised performances under a set of constraints in a 'performance space' that I will control in Film and Video room at Wimbledon College of Arts.


Fashion Illustration technical drawing for a collection PAID


Vanessa Price is a start up fashion company based in the UK. We are currently designing a new collection and need the designs to be developed into a technical pack for production. 

This position is ideal for a Fashion Illustration student, or a fashion design student with experience creating a technical pack, evidence of previous work will be requested 


Live model needed for MA project

I am an MA Fashion Design & Technology (Menswear) student who is working on body art and am looking for a male who would be willing to model while I recreate my own versions of the attached image. The body art I will be doing is based around mathematics, trigonometry and the movement of curves which will then form the basis of what I'll be moving into fashion design.