Study Tips


Working from home allows me to constantly get distracted and lose focus - from the things on my desk, to messages on my phone, I always seem to los

Don't stress, enjoy!

Starting a new chapter of your life can be exciting but also overwhelming! From what I've learned from my experience, don't worry too much!

Life as a Fine Art Student

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me about what 'Fine Art' actually is, and what I do everyday at college, I'd be pretty well off right

Essential Websites for UAL Students

We all love the Internet, don’t we? With a few clicks, you can reach almost any information you want… Or watch a funny cat video.

The all-nighter misconception

Your tutors and peers will tell you to maintain a healthy work schedule filled with plenty of breaks, based around starting early and finishing at

My Library

Insider tips to using the Library Services at UAL

My Library

Insider tips to using the Library Services at UAL

LCC Learning zone by Zara Chaudhri

My Library

Insider tips to using the Library Services at UAL

Induction Glossary

Induction Glossary

Words you'll hear a lot during your enrolment and induction, explained!

Assessment coloured squares logo

Assessment resources

Ok, we wanted to give you some information about assessment on your course, because it's important to know and lots of it is very straightforward

Tips for making your third year easier

Tips for your third year

We asked Rosie Chamberlain, a graduating BA Illustration student from Camberwell College of Arts to give us her best tips for the third year and st

Hand drawn mind map

Going to university

Check out Chloe's mind map about life choices and where university education might take you.

Photo of a workshop space

Learning spaces

We've gathered some photos of the different types of learning spaces you might work in while you're on your course at UAL.