Student Portrait

Hello, it's Tania!

Hello everyone, I thought it was time I introduced myself. I hope you've been enjoying browsing in commonplace!

Feel like hate London sometimes?

London mostly has one of these feelings loving it and hating it.You will notice that too as a new fresh blood londoner !

How to succeed as an Artist

Firstly , we should all admit that the course we chose that has to do with art or anything based on that (either fashion, illustration,fine arts,pr

Anastazja Oppenheim

I was born in Warsaw (Poland) and came to London to study Criticism, Communication and Curation: Art and Design at CSM.

Who am I?

My name is Elena Nikolaou(Cypriot/Greek) and I have finished my BA on Graphic design specialized on Illustration at the University of Hertfordshire


I studied Illustration and Visual Media at LCC and have recently graduated.


Hi I'm Kelly. I'm going to be contributing to this fine website over the summer with some helpful (hopefully) insight into living in this glorious city.


I'm a Fine Art Student at Chelsea about to embark on my final year.

About Myself

Outgoing and very bubbly, people warm to me very quick and I always enjoy making people's day :)


Hey there, I am a French student and in September I will start the Fda Illustration course in Camberwell College of Arts and I am looking for a fla

6 months on

6 months after finishing my MA in Documentary Film at LCC and unfortunately I’m not working in documentary film.


MA Performance Design and Practice student from Japan. Acting and graphic design background.