No Clue About South London?

  • No Clue About South London?

I take pride in being a Londoner, so you could imagine the blow when I first came into the area. The campus is located opposite Elephant & Castle train station, meaning it’s nearby and useful when you’re running late to a lecture! The area never appealed to me, but since I will have to be here for the next 3 years, I thought why not explore.

There is a shopping centre, although old and tatty they have all the essential shops from Superdrug’s to food courts. Walking down from the station there is a high street, with nail parlours food shops, salons, ECT, which isn’t that far from campus. The best thing about this area is that the products are cheap which is amazing for the ‘commonly’ known ‘broke students’. We try to save as much money as we can and this area helps us finance the little income we get. 

South London may not be everyone’s first choice, but trust me, once you are there, see the community and residents of the area, it feels very cosy seeing everyone helping each other and being friendly.


Written by Sadia Mohamed

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