Getting Around

A better Elephant & Castle for UAL

In 2014, plans of a new, green and more liveable Elephant and Castle where unveiled and since then, as a UAL student, the journey to uni has been p

Image of skulls and exhibits in the Hunterian Museum

London's Other Museums

Besides bad air quality and a serious overcrowding problem, London has museums.

Views from Frank's Cafe

Cheap and Cheerful Rooftop Bars

As Summer approaches rooftop bars are a great alternative to just sitting in a park with a few bottles of cider.

A rack in a record store

The London Record Store

Since before your parents were cool, London was already one of the creative hubs of the world. Art, fashion, architecture and everything else all have their place in the city.

Pop Brixton: What’s On!

At Pop Brixton, some of the most interesting past events that happened in March 2016 included; Laughter Yoga, Lambeth Music Festival,

Image of person holding a VentYourRent story


Property prices are a very scary thing for most of London’s youngsters.

Carnegie Library, Lambeth

South London Libraries close

On 31 March a group called Friends of Lambeth Libraries decided to stay inside Carnegie Library in protest of the imminent year-long closure.

Radio Days Waterloo

Radio Days, a cornucopia of all things kitsch and vintage in Waterloo

No Clue About South London?

No Clue About South London?

Having lived in London my whole life, it’s kind of embarrassing to say I knew nothing about South London prior to attending UAL.


A perfect day in south London

I don’t think there’s any “perfect” day in London for anybody but there’re certain places in the south where you can have a perfect day


Your guide to South London's best (and most interesting) cinemas