Ey Up, Lassie

Midweek-eats on a budget

So, whilst living off a budget can have it’s downsides, I’ve also found it’s sparked more creativity in my cooking.


Week one done in my new job.

Good News

It’s been an exciting week already and it’s only Wednesday

With a little help from our friends

Thinking of what to write this week, I thought about my post last week, and the decisions I was making now, and how this might have been different had I been given different advice while I was studying.

Art or Not

This week has been pretty much the same old, same old, except for a bit of an overriding theme stuck in my head ‘Art or not?’

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Ey Up, Lassie

Hello I’m Georgia one of the new Graduate Reporters this year! I graduated in July from my degree in Sculpture at Wimbledon.