Cai Eats London

Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger, president of Champagne Taittinger, and Patrick McGrath MW, MD of Hatch Mansfield, on their newly acquired land.	Credit: Taittinger

British Bubbly

After 20 years of determination, investment and hard work, England is transformed into one of the fastest-rising wine region on the planet.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte


Pumpkin signifies more than the end of summer but the beginning of the winter holiday hysteria. The knives are out for marketeers and retails to fight for a slice of your festive mindshare.

Bar Termini

This slick little spot on the edge of with its marble bar top and smooth leather panelled seats is definitely one you won’t want to miss out on.

Primrose Hill branch, Image taken from official website.

Top of the hill

The morning settled down into a day. Time to reel my thoughts in with cup of something warm. If you find yourself in primrose hill, I urge you to check out Melrose and Morgan on Gloucester Avenue.

Sunsnack cafe frontage

The Sunny Side of a Fry-up

Classic cafes are still standing in centre of London, and seemingly resisted the refits for decades. They feed the building trade more than anyone else. I walked into one for the first time n Lisson Grove, Marylebone.

desk eating

What Do I Actually Eat

For whatever excuses and reasons, we do end up ill prepared and not eating well while at work. I thought I will show you what I eat at my studio today.

New Opening: Lundenwic

Not too far from the 272 High Holborn, well I mean a good ten minute walk, a little crisp white rectangle of a cafe has appeared.


The Curious Case of the Disappearing Coffee Cup

It is a mass produced cup. Without its deceased partner, it was never meant to left forgotten in an Ikea kitchen in a residence somewhere. In this barely sanitary outhouse (studio), it sat fittingly. That was also the last time I encountered till two days ago this week.

One for my baby; One more for the road

The French used to offer a ‘little glass of rum’ to the condemned facing execution. In the US, cigarette and alcohol are often denied before execution. Typing into Google ‘Last meal’ it reveals endless list of weird requests.The last meal I had on campus was a greasy Chinese takeaway I bought from a local popular spot

Den Udon, Kings Cross

Review: Den Udon, Kings Cross

Self claimed ‘evangelist’ of Udon, Den Udon opened its doors on 15th December 2014, right before the holidays and the start of university vacation.

Daily Goods, Camberwell

When Daily Goods popped up on Camberwell Church Street about six weeks ago, I’m sure there was some degree of confusion.

Gentlemen's club style

Foxlow, Clerkenwell

 "Foxlow is a new neighbourhood restaurant on St John Street in Clerkenwell.” 

I'll Put the Kettle On, Shall I?

Tea! This is what has been missing in my life. The source of my misery of late. I am not sure of it, but I am sticking to it. I can’t seem to recall exactly when I stopped making and drinking tea, along with making food too. Drinking tea used to give me such joy, so does cooking. Now I rarely switch on the stove.


Consider the Egg this Easter

Easter is coming. It doesn't matter if you are Christian or not, we are not turning our noses up at couple of paid days off and eating chocolate wapped in the campest outfits.

Nicolas the host

The Chicken Shop, Tooting

“This is the one hipster place in Tooting” Ella danced across the road towards the chicken restaurant opened by The Soho House last November.