Brot und Käse

New Year plan

I’m going to resist calling this ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ because we all know where they end up.

Berlin Family

Don’t be anti-social… [image take from Trust Me...I'm A Designer's FB page].

Brot Und Käse

Moving to another country is extremely stressful. This is an understatement.

Elizabeth Hepworth

Continuing on my Berlin adventure I bumped into another UAL graduate, Elizabeth Hepworth.

Balancing Act

Time management is always a skill that I am lacking. I used to be so organised, once upon a time, but then life got in the way.

I is for interning

Internships. A concept that strikes fear and anger into the hearts of many students and graduates, and saves employers enormous amounts of money.

University VS Reality

After toiling away for nearly three months in Berlin, I have a job. That’s right, hold the phone I am EMPLOYED.

Blogging benefits

Many people are cynical about the ‘Blogosphere’. What good is writing a blog, they say, who will read it?

Graduate profile:Henk Gieskens

Working away in Berlin attempting to carve out a journalistic career, I wondered how some of my fellow UAL graduate pals were doing, and spoke to p

Email etiquette

Since moving to Berlin and meeting who knows how many people I have been finding it increasingly difficult to reply to my emails.

Pleased to meet you

It’s all very well networking and making those all important contacts, but if you can’t exchange details then it’s a bit pointless.

Berlin Art week

This week has marked an important point in my journalistic career in Berlin – my first Berlin based writing job reporting on Berlin Art Week for on