second year

 Starting second was very exciting as I was looking forward to learning new things and getting closer to final year. Second year has been so much more different from my first year especially with the work load. The work load has been so much more than first year and much more intense. In the beginning of the year it was very relaxed and we didn’t have as much work to do. But then when it hit second term I felt like the work was pilling on a lot at the same time. One thing I have learnt is to never keep things last minute that is the worst thing to do. Although it is regularly said I still feel like leaving work last minute is something students get in the habit of doing. The work load is just too much to leave it all to pile up. With second year I feel like I have been more interested in the topics we have been doing. When you like the topics it is easier for you to do your work and actually encourages you to put more effort in. In second year I feel like I have become closer with my class mates. It is very important not to be anti social and to try and get to know everyone in the class. It’s nice to hear about people who are not from London and students who have moved into the country.  It very helpful for when you don’t understand work and you need to ask someone. The second year timetable was less than last year which was a bonus. We were in three times a week and towards the end of the year we only had to come in twice a week. It does get stressful at times but luckily at UAL there is always someone to talk to that will help.