How London changed my accent

It has now been three years since I moved to London, a lot has changed in that time, for one i have matured to the point of not being recognized, I've been to more clubs in the past three years then possibly in my whole life, but the major change that has seemed to evolve from my time in London is the transition from by neutral Cambridgeshire accent into a Deep south London.

I have seen this before with friends that go to university, they lap up the culture from the city, or town, they live in for three years and develope a corny imitation accent- I was always the first one to laugh at friends when I thought they were pretending and putting it on. But in recent weeks old friends from back home and those that moved up north, have commented on how I now sound like I'm a thoroughbred Londoner. Bewildered I have frequently asked myself how did this happen?

Upon self reflection it has been transparent to see how it happened. Firstly I haven't lived back in Cambridge for longer than two weeks for over five years now, my travels in this time have taken me down to the south coast of Brighton and across various boroughs of London, in which I now reside in Southwark. During the entirety of this time I have been living alongside London born 'blokes' who have tuitioned me in complex dialect that will not come up on google translater.

During this time in London I have been able to understand the London accents a lot more than my friends, this from living and working alongside people that are from south London. From a simple conversation with a fellow Londoner I can tell what part of London they are and hold a conversation with them without saying a complete sentence, something my friends from home cannot do.

From the change in my pronunciation I feel estranged from my friends back home, just like my friends that moved up north, I feel that I can no longer say I'm from Cambridge upon first meeting someone, because they don't believe me. One thing I can say is that I am now the butt of the joke, and I must laugh at myself.

It goes without saying I am more at home in London.