How to beat homesickness!

How to beat homesickness!


Being an international student can be fairly tough, especially if you are moving to a different country with no known friends or family. At the beginning every international students get straight into fresher’s and start enjoying their  “university life”. Homesickness usually kicks in two weeks after freshers.


There are many tips to beat homesickness and the feeling of dropping out or going into depression:


Join as many social events as you can

-       Not only does this allow you to meet many other people but also keep yourself occupied.


Attend as many international student events

-       You will end up meeting so many other international students who feel the exact same way as you do, and nobody understands your feelings more than an individual on the same boat!



         Use all the help you need

-       When I first joined University I was afraid of actually     reaching out for help until my friend at uni dragged me. It is NOT embarrassing to visit the facilities like counseling, everyone reacts differently, and talking to someone may help you.



        Always keep in touch with family

-       The time difference between my family and me was 4 hours which made it very hard sometimes to speak to them, but you can always set up a time to speak to them so that you feel close to them at all times, this way you wont even feel lonely.




       Take up new hobbies

-       After fresher’s finished I realized I wasn’t too much into going out every night so I decided to take up football in my first year, as well as spinning classes and the gym! It was a great way to keep myself going and I even met new friends at the gym! You can choose anything (doesn’t have to be sport related) UAL offers so many different activities to keep yourself busy, take every opportunity!




UAL is an extremely friendly University, the first few weeks may feel hard but once you get used to it and make your friends, it starts to feel like home in no time.