What to do in London this summer?



If you are still fairly new and haven't lost your touristic enthusiasm, you don't need to look for obscure program in the outskirts of London. There are plenty of new and interesting things to do in the centre. You don't always have to avoid clichés if they are fun! 


Check out an exhibition: there are many new exhibitions opening in the following weeks, such as the Dutch Flowers in the National Gallery. It explores the evolution of the flower painting from the 17th century. The exhibition celebrates the tulip mania in the Dutch Golden age, and it presents painting from the era’s leading artists such as Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder, Jan van Huysum, and Rachel Ruysch. It has been open since this April and you can visit it until the end of August. 


However, if you prefer the slightly more modern form of art, the Tate Britain’s new exhibition might interests you more.  The Conceptual Art of Britain is being displayed until August 29 and features which features the work of the most important conceptualists of the 20th century like Keith Arnatt, Conrad Atkinson, Margaret Harrison among many others.


Go to the theatre: As usual, several new plays are having premiers this summer. The one with the most publicity is undoubtedly the Cursed Child, which is a sequel to the most successful fantasy books of our generation, Harry Potter. It premieres the day before J. K. Rowling, the author, and her character, Harry's birthday: July 30 at the Palace Theatre on the West End.


But there are many other plays in case you are not interested in the new era of the wizarding world: you can still see Lion King or Wicked, classic Broadway musicals, if you have missed them until now. On the 27th of May premiered the new play of the producer of The Lion King with the fellow Disney classic, Aladdin in the Prince Edward Theatre. With new music but the well-known story, it is a promising new play for the summer theatre season.


Watch the Olympics: While this year's Olympics are not being held in London, the live screenings with huge crowds can be just as exciting as live in Rio. Many public places are organising screenings: The London Bridge Summer Festival is an exciting experience itself, but since it offers the opportunity of riverside screening of the Olympics, it is even more suitable for the summer of 2016. Another outdoor place that airs the Olympics and other sporting events of the summer is a South London hangout place called Pop Brixton. 


Visit a festival in London: Wireless Festival is probably one of the most famous festivals of the capital. It takes place in in Finsbury Park, North London from 8th July to 10th. This year's headliners include Calvin Harris, 1975 and Jess Glynn. If you enjoy a bit less 'top40' electronic music, you should check out LoveBox festival instead. It's in mid July (15-17.) in Victoria Park, East London, with headliners such as Major Lazer, LCD Sound System and Jack Garrat. If you enjoy big crowds and loud EDM music, this is your place.


But if you are a calmer person who prefers to relax, you can always visit a nice café or take a walk in a tranquil park instead. You don't always need to do extreme things to have fun and spend the summer well.