Favourite Holiday Destinations

  • Berlin, Wall, Famous Sites

Will it be an exotic location and who will you be travelling with? These are just a few good reasons why you should go abroad. Here are a few suggestions of good places to visit and what you should take with you!

Going on holiday is meant to be for relaxing but the organizing process can be very stressful for most of us. Whether you are just going somewhere close by the local surrounding cities or actually getting on a plane and leaving the country there is a place for all of us to be.

Madrid is famous for The Royal Palace of Madrid which is the official residence of the royal family, however they do not reside here and live in the outskirts of Madrid. Instead it is open to the public for viewing. The Madrid card for entrance to the Royal Palace costs around £8 and gives entrance to the access of the palace as suggested on trip advisor.

Have you ever visited Berlin? Well some of the historic places which make up some of the most interesting and retold experiences about the period of the cold war in Germany during the era where unforeseeable things that had taken place to the people living in Germany are still evidentially in remains. Although the Berlin Wall has parts which still exist on the contrary most of this has been knocked down.

Why not add to some of my suggestions and add yours too.

By Recka Begum.