5 Apps That Make London Life Easier

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Moving to London can feel incredibly daunting, especially if you're originally from a small town. In small town's everybody knows what's going on and when, whereas in London there's ALWAYS something happening and it can be hard to keep up. Especially with a student budget. They key to survival is all about having the right apps and here's 5 that can save your day: 


Street Art London 

Regularly updated by the premier street art organisation in London, Street Art London, this app shows pictures of and gives the location of the latest pieces of street art around London. If you have a favourite street artist you can search for their work by name and if you have a particular location in mind you can search for art by location. Except from travel to the places, this experience is free and isn't time limited. Win. 



When you download this free app you pick interests, such as theatre, night's out, food, fashion, etc. along with your location. The app then personalises your feed based on your interests so no more sieving through hundred's of events online that you're not interested in. All events are either free or discounted. The app sends tickets straight to your phone so no printing is necessary.



This app is great because it's updated daily. Fancy a bite to eat or a drink? Happiour keeps you updated with local offers happening right now. From 2-4-1 lunch to half price cocktails, this app saves you pounds. 



You know an app has to be good when it has won awards. This app helps you get from A to B, showing live travel information and journey lengths for tubes, buses, driving, bikes, Uber and walking. It even tells you the best place to get on a tube (front, middle, back) in order to be at the nearest exit when you reach your destination.