Happy summer!

So we rather missed the 'good luck' boat to all our 3rd year UG students preparing for their final shows but there's still time to check out work from our PG and MA students from July through to September. If you are joining us in September, we would love you to get involved in commonplace by contributing a post (a story, review, recipe, what you're most looking forward to or nervous about uni, share top tips...) we'll enter you into an end of month £50 voucher draw for getting involved. You can also check out the Swap Shop to find flatmates or just swap skills with someone at UAL. Hope to hear from you soon. Commonplace team X


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Hey I am joining the Camberwell College of Arts, for MA Illustration this September, 22 and easy to live with.
I am looking for house and housemates around the college for stay!