Why is it good to live in West London?


Many university students are scared to move to West London because ‘there is nothing there’, or just because they find traveling to the city inconvenient. Is it really so much worse than Peckham or for example, Camden? I asked the opinion of an LCC student, Julia, who lives in Acton and loves it.

Why did you decide to move to Acton? Why do you prefer it over the other areas of London? 

J: When we were searching for flats with my flatmates, we were looking for places everywhere, but Acton seemed like the ideal choice: reasonable prices and fairly a nice area. There are have two tube lines which makes the traveling easy. We live quite close to Ealing Broadway as well, so we have many facilities. We have a lot of shops close by and nice restaurants as well. There are also Polish shops which makes me feel home, since I am from Warsaw.

What are the advantages of living in the West?

J: The things I mentioned before along with the fact that it is a safe area, we don’t really hear about muggings or robberies. I often finish working late and I don’t feel scared when I have to walk home at night. There are also many parks and our area in general is pretty green, which we all enjoy. 

What is one thing that you don’t like about it?

J: The night bus takes ages from the centre, and not many of my friends live close by. I live in zone 3, so it could be closer to the centre and the travelcard would cost me less, but it’s not too bad. 

Why would you recommend it to UAL students? 

J: It is much nicer than many areas in London from the same price range (for example South London), and the Piccadilly line easily gets you to the centre in 25 minutes. 

What were your expectations when you moved there?

J: I thought it would take me much more time to get to central London, and I expected it to be more industrial than it is. But it’s more like a cute suburban area which I enjoy.

How is it different from your last place?

J: It is much safer than my last place was. And much quieter, but it is mostly because I used to live in uni halls. Plus, even though I used to live closer to LCC, it doesn’t take me much more time to get there now, since there was no tube and the bus was much less reliable.