Pop Brixton: What’s On!

At Pop Brixton, some of the most interesting past events that happened in March 2016 included; Laughter Yoga, Lambeth Music Festival, Brixton Easter Fete and Kyonocha Sushi Making Workshop.

Laughter Yoga (Free Entry)

Laughter Yoga is a session aimed at bringing more laughter and well-being to south London. The Laughter club is free and lasts for an hour. The session involves practices of laughter combined with deep breathing exercises.

Lambeth music Festival (Free Entry)

A highly acclaimed Music Festival hosting 10 exciting concerts over 6 days (15th-24th march 2016). The Festival sees over 3,000 young musicians performing at the Royal Festival Hall and local Brixton venues to celebrate the diversity of music making in the borough. Pop Brixton will be hosting the following:

• Violinist 

• Acoustic performance

• GrooveSchool DJ’s

• Live DJ shows 

Brixton Easter Fete (Free Entry)

A fete held on Easter Monday, Pop Brixton embraces the popular holiday by hosting an event designed to last over the long Easter weekend- an ideal attraction for any family or Easter enthusiasts.

                      "It was amazing, great day out. Fucking freezing though! Favourite part of the day would have to be the food stalls”


Sophie Isherwood.