A Guide to Peckham

Peckham is said to be the best place to in live in London right now – and I agree. Peckham is a creative hub located in the South East, home to many art students and creatives. Whether you want to get a 6 pound cocktail, go to a funk n soul night, have some fluffy scrambled eggs, go to the cinema for 4.99, or visit some art galleries – Peckham has it all. Here are some suggestions for Peckham–virgins of where to get a coffee, where to eat and where to go out. 




Lerryn’s: Lerryn’s is located on Rye Lane, and is open during weekdays from 9–6, Saturday 10–6, Sunday 10–5, and open till 11 for events. Known for ‘Lerryn’s Bloody GR8 Mary’, serving 4 quid avocado on toast, or if you want to go cheap, you can get sourdough and jam for 2.50 with a 1 pound brew. Whether you want to go for a post–night out breakfast, you want to do work, or have a few bevvys, Lerryn’s is your go–to local cafe. 


200 Rye Lane, London, SE15 4UR



Anderson & Co: If you’re looking to have a mid–day coffee, or a weekend brunch, Anderson & Co does it. They serve breakfast and lunch till 3PM (so for those late starters, you’ve still got time to get scrambled eggs on toast with some brindisa Chorizo and some roast tomato). During the weekend they serve their brunch from 9AM to 3PM, including their 8.50 ‘Big Breakfast’. They’ve always got plenty of space to do work, if you need to, with free wifi (but no electric juice).


139 Bellenden Road, London, SE15 4DH


Blackbird Bakery: Blackbird is located under Queen’s Road Peckham Station, and is usually full of commuters getting their coffee fix, Peckham mum’s having a mid morning coffee and cake, or students fueling their brain with coffee whilst they write their essay that’s due in 2 hours. Their Peckham branch has a breakfast and lunch menu and from Wednesdays to Saturdays they offer a sourdough pizza menu. If you’re a parmesan fan, go for the eggs baked with cream and parmesan, if you’ve got a sweet tooth you can go for their blueberry pancakes or their flourless chocolate cake. 


Open: Monday–Friday from 7AM–7PM

Saturday/Sunday from 8AM to 6PM



No. 67: Located within South London Gallery, you can get your morning coffee fix, get some work done, meet some friends and have a look at their on going exhibitions within SLG. They’ve got both indoor seating which is naturally well-lit, or if you want some fresh air, they serve outside as well. Although they’re not open on a Monday, they have an espresso bar open from 9AM–3PM. Throughout the week they are open from 8AM–11Pm (Wednesday to Friday) and Saturday/Sunday they are open from 10AM till 11/6:30PM. 


67 Peckham Road, SE5 8UH


Petitou: Located just off of Bellenden Road, Petiou is known for their fluffy, creamy, scrambled eggs. So if you’re an avid fan of scrambled eggs, you know where to go. 




Begging Bowl: Peckham’s Thai street food, serving Mon–Sat 12 till 2:30pm (lunch), 6pm-10pm (dinner) and on Sunday 12pm-3pm(lunch), 6-0:30pm (dinner).  Designed for sharing, you can get limitless Jasmine Rice and Sticky Rice for 2.50 pounds, with some pork neck, clams, tiger prawns or shiitake mushrooms and 3 scoops of Thai ice cream with a lemongrass and ginger infused vodka and coconut rum cocktail. 


168 Bellenden Road, SE15 4BW.



Kitchen 54: Walking from Queen’s Road after a long day at work? you need a Kitchen 54. The soul kitchen serves the best burgers in Peckha, starting from 6.95 for a Black bean veggie burger or up to 8.85 for a double patty burger with scallions and mamba mushrooms. If you want chicken, they’ve got wings, strings, waffle sandwiches, or a hot bowl with mash. If you’re going to go to kitchen 54 you have to have their mac n cheese or their bacon n cheese chips, even if you’re getting 5 chicken wings, a burger and mac n cheese. 



Persepolis: A taste of Persia in Peckham – a deli selling spices and herbs from 1–2 quid. Also serving authentic Persian dishes, 5 pounds for a large a maze platter, or a wrap for 3.50. They also serve 3 breakfast dishes for 3.50, so if you’re tired of having smashed avocado on toast, they have baked sweet potato filled with baked beans and halloumi, with fresh juices made daily. If you’re a vegan, you’re in luck, they have a vegan hot chocolate and a ‘knickerbocker’ glory. 


20-30 Peckham High Street, SE15 5DT

Open 10:35am–9pm (all week).


Ganapati: Authentic, home-made inspired by the street food of Kerala and Tamil, South India. Suitable for both vegetarians and meat-eaters – the veggie thali for 14.50 or the mini thali with fish or chicken for 11.50. They also have a lunchtime menu, which changes every 2 months. Whether you want a street food snack, thali, Ganapati is known to be the most authentic South Indian restaurant in London. 


38 Holly Grove, SE15 5DF

Tuesday to Friday 12pm–2:45pm / 6pm–10:30pm

Saturday: 12pm–10:30pm

Sunday: 12-10:00pm


Mama Dough: Their third restaurant has recently opened on Queen’s Road. With only a few pizza options in Peckham, Mama Dough has to be one of the top places to get your pizza fix. Their simple, but mouth–watering menu is between 6–11 pounds for a sourdough pizza. Gluten–free pals can opt for gluten free alternatives, either, a cannellini bean base or ‘the lab pizza’ base. If you’re meat lover, you can go for ‘cured meat’, which has salami napoli, salami calabrese and parma ham. If you’re a veggie, you’ll be glad to know there are 3 veggie options, one with butternut squash and feta or ‘john o’goat’ with goats cheese and caramelised onions. If you’re still feeling peckish, there are plenty of reasonably priced desserts to munch on.


Open: Wednesday to Thursday 5:00PM to 10:30 PM

Friday–Sunday 12PM to 10:30PM


179 Queen's Road, Peckham, SE15 2ND



Honest: If you’re heading to bar story on a Friday night, you can go to Honest Burger located behind Peckham Rye Station on Blenheim Grove. Or if you fancy a breakfast post–Friday night drinks, they serve from 9:30–1:00PM on both a Saturday and a Sunday. Their lunch/dinner menu starts from 11:30PM to 11:00PM Mon–Fri, and from 12 on a Saturday and Sunday. Their ‘tin cup’ cocktails for 6 pounds and their burgers with a side of bacon ketchup are hard to resist.


Peckham Refreshment Rooms: Located in a 1930s Art Deco Block behind Peckham Rye Station, is known for it’s tapas and classic cocktails. If you want to grab a quick breakfast before work, they’ve got granola for 3.50, or burford brown eggs, or if you just want to keep it plain and simple you can go for their 2 pound toast with butter and jam. If you’re going for tapas, don’t forget to get their infamous espresso martini!


Unit 3/4, 12–16 Blenheim Grove, SE15 4QL






Peckham Springs: If you want cheap cocktails, Peckham Springs is the place – 6 pound cocktails served on Thursdays from 7PM–12AM and Friday Saturday from 6PM–12AM. You’ll find a gallery space called “TODO”, 2 bars, outdoor and indoor space under Peckham Rye arches. Peckham Springs also host street food pals, so you can grab a burger from patty and bun whilst you sip on your Negroni.


Bar story: After you’ve had a few bevvies at Peckham Springs you can nip over to Bar Story for a bar story bonfire or a Jamaican mule. If you want a mid–week cocktail, luckily, Bar Story have 2–for–1 between 6pm and 7pm on weeknights. If you’re craving a pizza and a cocktail, you’re in lucky because Bar Story serve from 6–8 pounds.


Frank’s: Now that it is officially summer, if you want to drink on the roof of a carpark, you need to go to Frank’s. Frank’s is on the 10th floor of Peckham Multi–Story Carpark (05A Rye Lane, SE15 4ST). They recently opened for summer as of May, opening Tuesday–Sunday 5PM till 11PM (weekdays), and 11AM till 11PM on Saturday and Sunday. You can expect cheap cocktails, endless jugs of pims, art installations, the best view of London and queues….


Canavans Pool Club: Peckham’s go to drinking den and pool club. If it’s 12AM on a Friday night, and you don’t start work till 4PM on Saturday, head to canavan’s. Is it Sunday night and you feel like a karaoke session with cheap gin and tonics? Head to canavans. 


Bussey Building/the CLF Art Cafe: Located in a post–industrial building, one of London’s best venues, known for it’s South London Soul train. In the mutli–story concrete block you’ll find music, art, film theatre, workshops and yoga within the building.  


Four Quarters: A retro arcade games bar located on Rye Lane, serving drinks all day – not to mention 6 pound double G and T.  Four Quarters has 2 bars, with a drinking cave underneath, where you can Pac Man on your table whilst having a beer from their selection of local craft beers. You can also grab some ‘Fowl Play’ chicken wings, whilst you’re at it.


187 Rye Lane, SE15 4TP



Image used from: http://now-here-this.timeout.com/2013/06/07/%EF%BB%BFthe-big-noise-festi...