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No matter if you are vegetarian, vegan or celiac, if you have a lactose intolerance or if your religion forbids you to eat some food. If you need some sweetness in your life, you can find a delicious solution visiting Ms. Cupcake. Because there is nothing, a cupcake can make better. 


Its picturesque vegan owner wants to catapult everyone back in time adding a 50s twist to everything she does. She tried to recreate the atmosphere of your granny’s house when you visit her for a slice of cake. Ms. Cupcake managed to build London’s first entirely vegan bakery and was awarded Best Independent Grocery Retailer this year. With her 18 cupcake flavours choosing is no more dictated but what you can or cannot eat, but it depends on if you prefer a sour lemon taste or a more delicate rose flavour, salt caramel or chocolate. 


➸ Where do you take inspiration for your cupcakes flavour? Which is your favourite?

✪  Our cupcakes are a combination of modern and classic American and British flavours. This is too hard to say! But our fans love The Ambassador and Red Velvet!

➸ In your style I can notice a 50s flavour, how was it born? 

✪  Personally I love the ‘50’s and the theme worked extremely well when thinking about how we  could evoke this era throughout the Ms. Cupcake business.

➸ How did you get the idea of an entirely vegan cupcake shop? 

✪  I became vegan many moons ago prior to starting up the business. The actual business idea for Ms. Cupcake came shortly after transitioning from being vegetarian to vegan, when I realised there were no cake shops selling cake I could eat! In the UK there were so many people not being catered for! I wanted to change that. 

➸ Do vegan ingredients do cooking and baking more complicated? 

✪  Not at all. Many readers of our cookbook feedback to us that the ingredients are really easy to find. In actual fact you don’t need to substitute many ingredients whatsoever.

➸ How are you trying to spread the ‘everybody derives cake’ philosophy?

✪  Many things! From writing cookbooks and running classes to attending events and shouting loud and proud about ‘free from’ online, and I’m writing our second cookbook!

  Written by Ilaria/ Photographer: Tiffany


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