UAL students and staff are invited to get involved with Draw Peckham, a socially engaged project which will ask local audience participants ‘How is Peckham important to you?’

Student and staff members of all UAL colleges, in any discipline are openly invited to participate in the project in a variety of ways - we need people to design and deliver workshops, write for publications/zines, delivering workshops, team leading, documenting etc.

Students and staff will collaborate on designing and delivering workshops, and collaborating with local community groups. Open workshops will also be held in public spaces which will invite a broader audience to participate. At the end of the project, the artworks produced during the workshops shall be collated to create a book or zine, which will both document the project and provide a snapshot of Peckham as told by the people who live and work there.

Workshops are open to interpretation and are not limited to drawing, though we feel drawing offers the most direct and accessible means of expression for people to respond to the question, ‘How is Peckham important to you?’

For further information contact nate n.frazer1120151@arts.ac.uk
or join facebook group 'drawpeckham' https://www.facebook.com/groups/1507143926277081/