Cheap and Cheerful Rooftop Bars

  • Views from Frank's Cafe

As Summer approaches rooftop bars are a great alternative to just sitting in a park with a few bottles of cider. London is filled with them, of course; Sushi Samba and Madison’s but they aren’t necessarily all student-budget friendly. But here are a few rooftop bars which won’t break the bank, and that you definitely won’t have to dress up for (unless you want to).


A hidden gem in Peckham, Frank’s Café, is situated on the 10th floor of the Peckham multi-storey carpark. It offers beautiful views of the whole of Southwark, and is a great space for a catch up with friends on a sunny day. With such beautiful views and the low price of the drinks, (beer and wine from £4.50 and cocktails for £6) it's pretty much perfect and definitely worth climbing up all 10 car park levels. 

It is obviously closed in the winter, because there are no heaters just benches and a bar but it just reopened for the summer on the 19th May 2016 and it stays open until 11pm everyday. Not only do they serve drinks, there are also share platters, from olives to Ox heart kebabs ranging from from £3 to £10.



Just a few minutes walk from Frank's Café and its nearest station Peckham Rye, is Bussey Building's rooftop, which serves not only food and drink but is also the venue for some interesting events. Much like Frank’s Café it offers the same panoramic views of London as well as reasonably priced drinks. It regularly hosts the Rooftop Film Club, an outdoor cinema, next showing A Clockwork Orange and Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week (June 1st & 3rd), so you can drink whilst you watch. Before settling down to watch a film, food from Pizza Pilgrims is also available to buy. There is also Happy Hour, which applies to selected drinks running from 6-7pm.



The perfect summer brunch or afternoon tea spot; Alfie’s Rooftop Kitchen located in Angel offers food and drink from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm. It is located on the rooftop of Alfie’s Antique Market, which offers retro items and antique collectables. You are able to soak up as much sun as you want on the roof terrace whilst enjoying a locally sourced meal for under £8. They offer beer and wine from £3, but there are no cocktails on the menu. However, there is cake or scones with jam from £2.50 which definitely makes up for it.


13-25 Church Street