A better Elephant & Castle for UAL

In 2014, plans of a new, green and more liveable Elephant and Castle where unveiled and since then, as a UAL student, the journey to uni has been packed with loads of drilling noises, closed roads, builders, rubble and so many road works. Although all the signs of an improvement are clearly visible around the area, a lot of people are still clueless and don't exactly know what is going on. Many people are just assuming it’s just a quick “fix up” and are completely unaware that within ten years, the area will be completely different and extremely better to what it is now. 


Lend Lease has partnered up with the Southwark council to deliver a 1.5 billion regeneration project of Elephant and Castle that will result in new homes available for sale to 2,988 people, all at affordable prices. At least 50 news shops and restaurants, a brand new park that will help restore nature in the city and over 1000 new trees. A 30 million investment has been put towards transport improvements whilst 1.5 million has been invested towards local schools. Moreover, all this will bring 6000 new jobs to the area, helping with the big issue of unemployment.


This refurbishment will be absolutely perfect for UAL students in the area because the availability of so many other stores in the area means we will be able to avoid travelling to other places to shop.  There will be a lot more to do during lunch breaks or after finishing lectures such as eating out and shopping, making the experience of being at uni more enjoyable. Furthermore, the availability of more jobs means that students can get jobs easily to help fund their university lifestyle and keep them from depending on other sources of income such as parents and student loan. 


Let the excitement of this refurbishment now sink in.