From Home to Halls

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Moving away from home to go to university is a scary concept for many soon to be first year students and London may seem even scarier due to it’s size and population. If you chose to move into halls they will be your first big step to your London move. Hopefully these useful halls tips will make your life a lot easier!


1)    Make your room your own:

When you first move into your room it will more than likely look very bare and empty with little life, but changing the décor will make you feel so much cosier and at home! Adding little touches to you room such as cushions, a small rug, fairy lights and pictures will make such a big difference. It’s also a really good idea to check out some of your friend’s rooms for inspiration. It is so nice when you finally feel like you’ve made your university room you own and will make you feel so much better about being away from home.


2)    Try to meet all of your flat as soon as possible:

In halls you will become familiar with lots of students in the same boat as you, but your flat will always be your close group as you’re living together in a small environment. It will make such a difference if you become familiar with your flatmates so you don’t feel awkward even if it’s just when you’re cooking dinner and its just great to have some close friends in your flat! (Also if you make good friends with your flat mates there’s more chance they’ll let you share food!)


3)    Be tidy but not too tidy:

The classic stereotype of halls is hundreds of students living in a pigsty however, it isn’t that hard to make your flat stay semi clean at least. Cleaning rotas or just ensuring people clean up after themselves is a way to keep on top of it all and avoid over flowing bins and mouldy dishes on the side of the sink. However, do not be that overly tidy flat mate who gets mugged off with having to clean everyone else’s dishes all the time because they know you’ll do it.


4)    Meet friends from different flats/floors:

As well as being friendly with your flat mates it is so nice to make friends in other parts of halls. You’ll always be bumping into people around halls whether it’s nights out, flat parties or just walking to the laundry room in your PJ’s. Making a variety of friends in halls is such a good social advantage in university and will make you feel much more at home especially when you’re feeling home sick.  


5)    Get used to fire alarms/drills:

Fire alarms are without a doubt the worst thing about living in halls, ask any student. Fire drills are often held around once a week and that will be the worst morning of your week - it will be 100x worse if you’ve been out the night before! There is no method to get around this horrible factor but just prepare yourself!



Obviously there are a lot more experiences that will happen to you during you time in halls but above are just some of the basic tips and hints to help you get started. Halls is such an amazing experience and one that you will never forget!