What to do in Southwark?

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So you have decided to go to Southwark? The first thing you need to know (especially if you are foreign or not from London) is how to pronounce Southwark. You do not pronounce the W! The first time I told my friend that I was going to live in SouthWark next year he didn't understood me so I showed it to him on the map and then he was ooooooh SouthArk! So remember if you ask someone for the way to Southwark say it in the right way otherwise they might send you to the wrong place! Borough Market The first place you should visit is Borough Market, a food market. It is never a good idea to explore London on an empty stomach. It is a market next to Borough tube station. They sell food and drinks from everywhere around the world. German sausages, fresh noodles, chocolate brownies, Belgium beers, fresh paella, Swiss Raclette, oysters and much more. Basically everything you need! It can be busy at the market so make sure you will go there early.  Tate Modern  After you had a nice meal you are ready to go to Tate modern. If you are an art student you obvious will know about Tate. It is Britains national gallery of international modern art. They show work from Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and many more. It is free to go and you will get to see amazing art and a nice view over London.  Southbank Their is nothing better than a sunny evening walking around Southbank. There are many restaurants and bars and also an outside theater. If you just want a relaxed evening with friends and a nice view, Southbank is the place to be!  Frank's rooftop bar  A perfect spot for a drink with again an amazing view over London. Frank's is based in Peckham. Everyone who goes there makes a picture with the iconic pink stairs. You already get excited when you on you way up! Bussey Building  The Bussey Building is a famous old Warehouse place for students to go out. It is located in peckham and it has different music nights. They also have theathre, film, art, anime and comedy. It is the perfect place for a goodnight out. The South London Soul Train where they play a mix of soul, jazz, hip hop, funk, disco and brass is the best night to go to.  There is many more to do in Southwark. To much to tell. The best thing is just to go there and explore you will always find random new things.  Enjoy!      


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