Thrift Shopping in London



Thrift Shopping in London.


London is packed with literally every shop you could imagine, from high end to designer retail stores, its rare to not find the perfect place to shop in the fashion forward city. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you have so much choice, however, as a student, your pockets are likely to run dry as you attempt to fill up your wardrobe with the latest trends from the stores surrounding you. Luckily, London is packed with so many thrift stores where you can purchase second hand clothes sometimes, brand new, at such great quality and reduced price. At these stores you can get so many superb bargains that will leave you purchasing more clothes than you could have in normal shops with normal prices. Many people assume that the clothes sold in these shops are completely worn out, dirty, old fashioned and of low quality. This is all a terrible rumour gone too far, thrift stores offer clothes of all brands, from high street to designer. Yes, you could find yourself purchasing a Chanel purse for way less than it cost. Below is a list of my favourite three thrifts stores London has to offer, a trip to one of these will leave you with a load of clothes plus change to spare for another trip. 



  1. East End Thrift Store - Situated in Canary Wharf, this Thrift Store offers a fabulous range of vintage clothing, varying from high street to designer, all at an affordable price. With so much to offer, the amount of choice the store offers will require way more than a hour from you to go through absolutely everything. Open all days of the week, theres definitely a day for you to pop in and get a great bargain. 


Where exactly to find it -  unit 1A, Assembly Passage, London E1 4UT, United Kingdom


     2.  Oxfam Boutique - There is over twenty Oxfam charity shops situated all around London, the chances of one less than half an hour from you are very likely. Packed with clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, the boutiques have so much choice and the quality is fantastic. All second hand clothing is washed and cleaned throughly before it is put up for sale. 


Where -  With so many Oxfam boutiques in London, the website allows you to pop in your          postcode, find the nearest one to you and go for your shopping spree.


      3. Beyond Retro - Beyond Retro offers trend-led vintage fashion of great quality. The shop personally sift s through tones of donated vintage clothing to choose just the perfect ones to put on the shop floor for your needs. The brand holds two different shops, one in Brick Lane and one in Dalston.


Where to find it - Brick Lane, 110-112 Cheshire St, E2 6EJ 

                             Dalston, 92 -100 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XB