Living on a Budget (and sticking to it)

Okay so you've made a budget plan and you're confident you'll stick to it, but then you see a new outfit you just have to have, or that flat meal out was a little more pricey than you expected, or (student likely) you took your card on a night out with you and accidentally spent way more than the amount you had set yourself for the night, and it's all over. Follow these tips to stop the above being the story of your university life: 

  • Take Cash not Card: If you are going out for a meal with friends, out for drinks or on a shopping trip and you have a limit on how much you should spend (as long as it is not a ridiculously large amount) take the money in cash and leave your card at home. That way you are forcing yourself to stick to your budget because you literally cannot go over. 
  • Download the Unidays App: There are quite a few companies that do not advertise offering student discount but are on the Unidays app. Your student status is verified by your uni and you are notified when special offers are on, for instance when the 10% discount is pushed to 25%. Definitely worth the download. And if you don't have enough storage space you can login online too. You can use Unidays both in stores and online.
  • Keep Your Receipts: This allows you to keep track of your daily expenditures. Reflecting on what you have spent helps you to see the unnecessary purchases, like did you really need that cheeseburger for the journey back when you have food you can cook back at home/in halls? In doing so, you become more aware of where your money is going and will think twice before splashing the cash. 
  • Make a Packed Lunch: Eating out for lunch everyday really adds up. At the start of the week you could prepare your lunches for the days you're at uni and take that with you instead. Buying in bulk at your local supermarket will save you £££'s. Also, making all lunches at the start of the week means you can quickly grab the prepared meal from your fridge before leaving, even when you are running late.