How to make friends in London.

Moving on you own to a big city is quite scary in the beginning. A new house, new people, new school and a new neighbourhood.


I am an open person and I usually make friends easy. But when I moved to London, I found out that I can feel very lonely. I have a few good friends at home but when I look here in London I do not have someone who I can rely on. You might think now; ‘ Why does she not go out more or there must be something wrong with her’. But that is not the case.  I do not have many friends in my course either. But sitting in my room all day will not make it better so I tried some new things I would like to share with you.


-       Sign up for a sport.

I signed up for UAL women’s hockey. When you play a team sport you automatically meet new people. Social nights are good times to explore London. I also signed up for a club. Sport always connects people and it is also good for your health.


-       Sign up for a dating app.

This maybe sounds really weird, but it is actually a really easy way to meet new people and go to places you never have been. You not have to date those people if you don’t like them but it is always nice to go for drinks and just chat. I went on a date once with a guy from Wimbledon. I would have never been there on my own but he showed me all those nice places and I actually really liked it.


-       Find groups of people with the same interests as you.

I joined a Facebook group called: Dutchies in London. Because of this group I met a lot of Dutch people who, just like me moved to the United Kingdom. We often go to a pub or go out. It is nice to talk to people who have the same background as you.


-       Find a job.

Apply for fun jobs like working in a pub or restaurant. You will talk to people all day and maybe meet some nice people as well. You also will have colleagues and there is nothing to compare to an after work, well-deserved pint with you work friends.


In the end you cannot be afraid to do things on your own. Going to museums or going shopping can be really fun on your own and you do not have to listen to someone else ;) London is an amazing city and there is always something to do. Make you own plans and just do it. You can’t be waiting for someone else your whole life.