7 Student Hacks

1.     Draining Board Jenga-

Every student has experienced going through the struggle of doing the dishes and then being faced with all the drying. The answer to the struggle is draining board Jenga. There is just something so satisfying in seeing how high you can stack numerous plates, bowls, pans and mugs without them crashing down and smashing all over the kitchen floor. The game becomes even more intense when your flat mates add their dishes to the equation and the one spoon you want is at the bottom of the pile.


2.     The Supermarket Magic Hour-

There is nothing more exciting to a student than walking into your local supermarket and being greeted with all of the yellow reduced stickers. Finding yourself getting too carried away is fine, purchasing foods you haven’t even heard of before is also fine because it’s only 17p. You will also feel like you’re making your debut on ready, steady cook when you have to come up with a meal from some baby sweetcorn, frozen chicken strips, worchester sauce and a chocolate mouse, next thing you know Ainsley Harriott is knocking at your front door.


3.     Cheap Alcohol is your Best Friend-

Going out, getting drunk and being in your favourite club is another large part of university life but let’s face it paying for drinks all night to get you drunk and happy is not economically friendly. Two words to prevent this: Pre Drinks. The leading up hours to going out should be filled with seeing how many cheap bottles/cans of cheap alcohol you can consume. Head down to your local large supermarket and you’d be surprised how many tolerable bottles of rosé you’ll find.


4.     The Cheaper Way to Clean Clothes-

The majority of student accommodation will provide you with washing machines and tumble dryers which is all well and good until you discover the price of them. Does any student really want to spend their little money on cleaning clothes, but when you’ve worn your socks twice and haven’t changed your bed sheets in weeks you have no choice than to spare short of £5. However, turning your shower into a launderette will be your latest hobby and business. Get yourself some dirty clothes, detergent, rubber gloves and a shower and you’re away. When your friends are complaining about timing their washes, going down however many flights of stairs to collect their washing you’ll be laughing with your clean clothes and lovely smelling shower.


5.     The New Way to Clothes Shop-

Clothes shopping at your favoured stores may now be something you save up for whether its Zara, Urban Outfitters or Selfridges however, as a student you’ll still be able to treat yourself. Charity shops, Vintage shops, Depop and UniDays will be your new best friends. It’s surprising how many hidden gems you’ll be able to find yourself if you dedicate yourself to the task whether is flicking through dusky smelling clothes in a cramped warehouse or flicking though the Depop feed for the occasional bargain from a trusted seller. Also keep checking the UniDays website they sometimes shock you with the odd 25% ASOS deal that will be the highlight of your term.


6.     Top Up On the Finer Things in Your Kitchen-

It may be easier to top the little things up in your kitchen than you think. As a student you are more than likely going to find yourself in one of the fast food chains whether it is for a meal or when you’re hanging at 4am in the morning. When you approach the condiments section just help yourself to a few extra straws, sauces and napkins just to add to your stock at home. You’ll be surprised how many students will have a secret stash of McDonalds straws in their kitchen. Side note- This is not promoting stealing, they are freebies and you are helping to serve your flat mates (just don’t go overboard).


7.     The Plus Side to Holding Pre Drinks

At one point in your student life you’ll more than likely have to host a pre-drinks. It’s one of those things that everyone sits back and leaves it to the unlucky person to host but it does have its upside. When everyone is cramped in your kitchen playing loud music risking a visit from security they will more than likely forget about how much alcohol they are consuming. The next day when you re-visit your kitchen no matter how bad it will look or smell nine times out of ten there will be left over alcohol that you can collect and keep for yourself, can’t go wrong with free alcohol right? If you do get that dreaded ‘did I leave my vodka in your flat?’ text, then you can very easily just lie yourself out of it.


A few of other useful tips and side notes for university survival:

-       No matter what your lecturers say you will be able to write a 2,000-word essay a few days before hand in

-       If you get ready for university the night before you get into bed you wont have to get ready in the morning 

-       If you have any issues with your flat mate an anonymous note on the kitchen table will not necessarily lead back to you