• Image of person holding a VentYourRent story

Property prices are a very scary thing for most of London’s youngsters. We are getting to that moment in life when our own money has to pay for everything but what does everything include?

rent, bills, transport and grocery shopping are the very basics and from then on every little counts. So you fancy a coffee, well you can have one for £3 and a pint for £5 and so it goes on and on. But as rents rise, social life decreases. 


Many residents in London have been using social networks as a tool of protest against exorbitant housing prices in the capital under the hashtag #VentYourRent. Rents in London are constantly rising and within the high rent prices tenants lives are “slowly drowning”.


Tenants have taken photos of themselves holding a poster highlighting the high rents and the poor conditions of the houses where they live. With this measure Londoners want to vent the terrible housing situation.


Some of the most popular topics they highlight in their posters are the insect and mice pests that they hace to live surrounded by and also the houses with broken heaters and even without heaters.


If this sounds familiar to you do share your story on your different social networks under the hashtag #VentYourRent