Two wheels are better then Four.

The morning commute can be a traumatic experience. The failure to obtain a seat, being confined to a small claustrophobic space and having to stand next to another's sweaty armpit is not what you wish for in the morning. For three years now I have travelled across London in these conditions, on both the buses and tubes. Alternating my hate between the two. I found no job in waking up and having to travel to university.

It was only until two months ago that I finally decided to invest a my money and purchase a bicycle. There were many reasons for this. Firstly, that I could no longer handle the rush hours to constant bumping into people like dodgems at a fairground. Secondly and the most poignant to a man like me, the constant loss and need to top up of oyster cards was draining my funds on a daily basis.

Since having a bicycle I have been happier in the mornings, I do not have to worry about being stuck in traffic for the entirety of my journey, and thankfully my wallet and fitness are getting better!

As a student saving £5 a day can pay for a meal deal, or a couple of pints after a hard day's work. I strongly advise anyone to give up the generic commute and jump on a bike.

Remember. don't forget your helmet, lights and lock!