Rugby World Cup is here!

The beginning of the glorious Rugby World Cup greets us ball first on Friday the 18th of September, and I’m bloody excited. Not necessarily because I love the sport itself, but because of the camaraderie that takes over when events like this occur. Football World Cup, for example, joins everyone together whether they like it or not to collectively support a team that, despite what some might argue, never actually make it past qualifiers. But hey ho, on we go. We’ve got the accent and skin complexions- we may as well cheer them on. Rugby, however, is an entirely different story. Our homeground is in beautiful little Twickenham, and while I might be biased because I grew up there, it’s a solid representation of English culture- Wetherspoons and KFC aside.

We’ve got it good living in London, and even if there’s no way in hell you can even afford the TV license to watch the games, at least get to a local pub to join in on the support and genuine passion for it. Whether you’re sipping soda & lime, or clutching a Guinness like it’s the only meal you can afford all day (which is an acceptable claim), paint your face your Country’s colours and get involved. The only thing worse than someone who complains about sport is a person who has never even tried to get involved. I feel the same way about myself when I bitch about stretching on a Yoga mat in leggings worth more than an entire shift at my pub. If I can bite my tongue until I can Bikram the shit out of 50 quid, then you can give a national sport the time of day.

There’s so much going on surrounding the World Cup and I strongly suggest getting down to the South West for a day or two while it’s on. I’ll be stretching on Richmond riverside in my Lululemons if you need a friendly face.