A Careful Selection For A Critical Mind - Student Project

  • A Careful Selection For a Critical Mind




A careful selection for a curious mind is a project with the intention of change and creativity at the helm. Driven by the themes of Learning disability and Mental Health in the creative industry.

We need 6 students of different courses hailing from the 6 collective colleges that make up, UAL to lead this exploration.

It is transparency of individuals that will allow these subjects to be taken from obscurity through authentic perspective.

We are looking for 6 interested and interesting students to document their final year at UAL.

In highlighting 6 very different accounts/dealings and copings the hope is to embody this into something foundational. Most importantly something relational, a mirror. The intention being to shed light of these areas for a greater social body. Creative youth.


The only criteria is: You have currently or have suffered from a learning disability or mental health issue and are simply willing to lend your narrative.


Please get in contact for the full project brief or just to get some information on this.  


Holla Georgina at - ms.g.l.ajohnson@live.com