Let your taste buds live the American dream in London

London is blessed to have an incredible amount of choices when it comes to culinary choices. We have restaurants from so many different and interesting cultures that we can try. With Italian and far-east Asian food being one of the most popular, it’s easy to forget about the other options available.

The United States is not always considered to be the mecca of exquisite cuisine and I have to admit there a few meals that are very questionable over there but that’s the case in every culture.

If you’re like me, you probably have watched hundreds of American films, TV shows, and music. But have you noticed those little references that they make about the foods that they eat? Like those Buzzfeed videos on Youtube where they talk about how much they love chipotle? Or a nickelodeon sitcom family eating Lucky Charms cereal in the morning? Or even when Ellen DeGeneres makes a segment all about Candy Corn flavoured Oreos? Do these references make you curious about how they taste? Not to worry, London actually has quite a few American sourced food products lying around so the next time you watch a film from the US, you can now vividly eat their snacks with the characters.



Chipotle’s popularity in the USA has risen to a level where it is practically worshipped by many. Their staple product is their burrito that can be stuffed with different kinds of meat, a portion of brown or white rice, some seasoned vegetables, a helping of cheese and sour cream, and a dollop of refreshing guacamole. I have personally, tried this myself and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a burst of different flavours.

They also do other meals like nachos and tacos that I would recommend to anyone who has never tried them before. They are a world away from Subway’s nacho option.


Where is it?

Currently, London is home to seven chipotle restaurants and each is very close to a tube station or a train station so you will not have to worry about travelling far for this experience. Here are a few of them.


181-185 Wardour Street, W1F 8ZA

6 minutes away from Oxford Circus underground station, it's a good location to eat when visiting Oxford Street or the theatres in nearby Soho.


101-103 Baker Street, W1U 6LN

3 minutes from Baker Street underground station so it is walking distance from Madame Tussaud's. Why not visit some American starts after eating American food?


49 London Wall, Unit 2, EC2M 5TE

Just 5 minutes away from Liverpool Street Station. it is right near Shoreditch so you can explore the quirky shops and murals around during your visit. 


Five Guys:

Known for the delicious American-styled design and menus, you will not be let down by the tasty treats they have to offer. The staple meal from five guys is definitely their cheeseburger. Although very pricey compared to other restaurants, it is definitely a must-try. The atmosphere is great also. the employees are all friendly and work together to give you an efficient service when preparing your order. The kitchen is open-plan so you ca see your food being made also.


Where is it?

There are 12 five guys restaurants around London. This means that you will not have the excuse of distance for not visiting this quirky establishment. I’ll list the best three locations to narrow your choices down.


5-6 Argyll St, W1F 7TE

Barely 2 minutes away from Oxford Circus underground station, it’s a great place to snack before or even, after you shop.


The O2 Entertainment Centre, SE10 0DX

Just 3 minutes away from North Greenwich underground station, This five guys restaurant is actually in the O2 centre which means it’s a great place to eat before a concert.


Lower Mall Westfield London, W12 7GD

Situated in the Westfield mall, it is only 7 minutes away from the Shepherd’s Bush underground station. It’s a good place to go if you are planning to see all the interesting things that Westfield has to offer.


American Food store:

Every food reference that you have heard in American media, this store probably stocks it. From Twizzlers to Poptarts, Aunt Jemima’s syrup to Kraft’s Mac and Cheese. the store is laid out like a normal market to ensure easy navigation and the employees are also very friendly and pretty knowledgeable about the products so if you are unsure on what to buy, make sure you ask for help.


Where is it?

2 Ladbroke Grove, Holland Park, W11 3BG

4 minutes away from Holland Park underground station, a definite guarantee when it comes to ease of commute. If you have extra minutes to spare, you can visit also Holland park and make a whole day out of it.


Kingdom of sweets:

If you’re thinking of a menu that is sweeter, I suggest going to Kingdom of sweets. This store stocks every confectionary item imaginable. They supply more than 8 different types of Oreos and if that alone doesn’t entice then I don’t know what will. not only do they supply sweets from the USA, they also sell sweets from the UK that are either very hard to find or partially discontinued. So if you do plan to go to Kingdom of Sweets, make sure to search all the shelf because you never know, you could find a chocolate bar that could ignite nostalgic emotions because you haven't had it since your childhood.


Where is it?

72 Oxford St, W1D 1BR

It is 3 minutes away from Tottenham Court Road so you are able to just pop to the shop and quickly get back underground if you are short on time.


To conclude, there are quite a few options when it comes to finding snacks and meals sourced from across the pond. Here in London, we have the benefit of trying a variety of different cuisines from all around the world in just one city and we should take advantage of that.