Japanese Soul Food

Nanban, the newcomer Ramen bar offers the community a taste of Southern Japan in the border of Brixton Market. Unlike the gloomy weather of London, Nanban invites you to its mild environment, serving us warm bowls of rich flavoured Ramen noodles.

Our first impressions of the restaurant was confusing, a “Theatre Restaurant”? What is that? It took us some effort to realize that it’s a Ramen Bar. The name of restaurant wasn’t presented for us to see easily, but the only thing that attracted our attention was the menu and a big picture of a ramen bowl. That picture looked tasty. Which made our stomachs rumble, “We’re having dinner here guys!” stated a friend.

Nonetheless, once we stepped into Nanban, the intimate ambience inside the bar contradicts the bleak surroundings of Brixton. The restaurant consists of two floors to serve the community. The design of the second floor lies a big window allowing natural light to gleam through, a perfect light for selfies.

Small Plates and Big Bowls, this Japanese Ramen Bar offers you great food with fair price, suitable for anyone to have a great time.  The wide variety of choices on the menu makes it difficult to decide, “which is not necessary a bad thing.” But forcing us to order more than one menu to try.  However, the flavour of the ramen noodles seemed to clash together as the tea-pickled egg did not go well with the taste of the chicken and the soya broth.

This Ramen Izayaka also introduces their ‘Happy Hour’ on Mondays to Fridays, 6pm-8pm, for people who fancy drinks with their ramen. The flavour of ramen infused in spices mixed with the taste of cold icy beer brings the flavour into another dimention. Nanban will not disappoint you with the list of drinks, from beers to cocktails to Sake and many to offer.

Whatever the weather you will find something to brighten up your day at Nanban.



Written by: Anna, Jez, Ethar 

Photographer: Tiffany


426 Coldharbour Ln