Dessert Café: Boba Jam

  • Credits: @bobajam

It was cold and we were craving for something sweet. Me and my friends casually strolled slowly around Piccadilly Circus at 8pm while having a serious discussion on the topic of “So where should we go get dessert?”

Our favourite place was Shibuya Restaurant, where they serve shave ice. However, we decided that we wanted to avoid Shibuya today, maybe try a new place? It took my friend a while to realize that he used to get dessert at a place called Boba Jam, he remembered very well that it was at Shaftesbury Avenue but it was gone…

Boba Jam had officially re-opened at 80 Dean Street, Soho and it was very quiet. Unaware of whether its open or not we stood in front of the café for five minutes staring at it, then back at each other and said “Should we?”

The café gave off chill vibes with the white and brick styled walls. Accompanied with the soft tone lights and simple décor, the atmosphere in the café makes it such a nice place to sit and relax with your friends. The structure of the café itself isn’t to compact giving a friendly vibe for the customers.

The menu itself has a range of desserts for you to choose from, whether it’s crepe cake, toast, waffle, bing su, Asian delight, hot desserts and even drinks and bubble tea. Me and my friends ordered Skillet Brownie, Pomelo Mango which is a citrus and creamy mix of mango and sago pearls with a pomelo topping and Nana Berry Brick Toast. Overall we were very happy with what we ordered, the presentation was nice and the taste was wonderful!

Be sure to give Boba Jam a visit if sweeten things up a bit!


80 Dean Street