Eating in London

Student living - famed for piles of laundry, questionable life choices and ramen noodles. It doesn't have to be this way! Especially living in the great city of London, there is always a way to find something to eat. The laundry and life choices unapplicable.

Now living as a student, especially in London, comes with the issue of needing money, but there are cheap ways to eat in London, even on the tiniest of budgets. 

Option 1: Groceries

Food shopping is indeed the most intelligent option of the lot, one can always grab some pasta, pasata, vegetables of choice, couple of sausages (Linda McCartney or otherwise) and some fruits. Depending on which shop one ventures too, this can range between 20-50 pounds a week. Its often best to invest a little bit more for meat products because they are usually 90% fat if theyre a pound each. 

Option 2: Mumushka

A small polish restaurant near Elephant and Castle station (great for LCC and Southbank Uni students) that serves cheap and cheerful food, with the most expensive meal at £9.95 (the big and beautiful burger 10/10, would eat again.) and they also have a handy loyalty card scheme where everytime you use it 5% of the price of the meal is loaded on and then you can pay with it next time, and it comes ready loaded with a pound. That with their 90% customer return rate, you know its worth a visit.

Option 3: Takeaway/New Golden Wok

Takeaways are a valid way to eat food, during exam season its a great way to fuel up to keep that brain running when you just don't have time to nip to tesco, and its also just great for when you have 10 pounds more than you thought you had and its a tuesday. A personal fave of mine is 'New Golden Wok' on 107 Friary Rd, London SE15 1PY. I once found on my way to a Halloween party and it had chow mein for 3 pounds for a huge portion, we've been in contact ever since. Peckham having one of the largest student populations of London, make sure to give them a call on a tuesday.


Option 4: Breakfast/ Garden Café and Restaurant

Must include the 'most important meal of the day', this small café style restaurant does cheap full english any day of the week for a tiny price of 10 pounds, when compared to some places, its a steal. Its near to those of us who wonder around North London and its only 20 mins on the jubilee from green park, give it a go!