Best Food Places

Living in London especially south east London you realise just diverse the city really is when it comes to food. I have lived in south London my whole and the amount of different food places I have tried is uncountable. From attending UAL alone there are a couple of restaurants to try which are very close by. I will be listing my top four favourite places to eat below

1.      Nandos

This was going to be an obvious chose. You can never go wrong with nandos especially since it is opposite to the university. It’s cheap and cheerful and caters to vegetarians as well. You will get a good size meal with a drink for roughly £10. I usually go there on my lunch break. I always get the same thing. I recommend trying the medium chicken wings you can never go with them. Also the staff there is friendly.

2.      Vapianos

For the best Italian I recommend this place. Vapiano is situated in London Bridge which is about 10 minutes away from the university on a bus or a 20 minute walk. One good factor about this restaurant is they make the food right in front of you. I recommend getting the cognac pasta you can never get bored of this meal. The environment of the place is really relaxed so it’s also a good place to do some work.

3.      Bagel king

Bagel king is a restaurant open 24/7. As a student we tend to feel hungry at the strangest times of the day so having somewhere open at all hours is so convenient. This place is well known for their bagels you can fill them with almost anything. They do really good desserts apple crumble with custard in particular. They also sell afro/Caribbean dishes alongside the signature bagels. This place is on Walworth road where a lot of other shops are.

4.      Kaspas

If you have a sweet tooth kaspas is the place to go. I recommend getting the caramel crepe with ice cream as a side. Having a dessert parlour is very convenient if you are not looking for something heavy to eat. This place is also on Walworth road. I usually walk down from university which is a ten minute walk.