Top Tips for new international students in London

  • Tree lined London street

Moving abroad for studies is difficult, it can be tiring and painful. But at the same time, it also gives you new life experiences and more freedom to explore.


Making yourself feel like home in a new country is hard but sadly, it is a must, no one should be crying because of homesickness for weeks. So here are the top tips for international students whose about to make a big step in their lives.


Firstly, when you just arrive in London, the first thing you should think about is opening a student bank account. This would make life a lot easier as you could use your debit card to pay for nearly everything which could be different from some other countries and you wouldn’t want to use your credit card which you brought from your hometown because the rate can be expensive. This would be done by booking an appointment online or by calling them. Afterward, the bank will provide you with a list of documents you need to have. Trust me, it's not as hard as you think!


Planning for transportation is also key because if you plan it wisely you can save quite a lot of money. If you’re a student, you can apply for the student oyster card which should give you benefits when you travel. By planning for transportation, you can decide whether to top up as a travel card or add credit onto it, by which sometimes if you’re going to use the bus or the tube often, a travel card would be more suitable. Taking the tube can be a lot faster than taking the bus, however, if you're new to the city, traveling above ground allows you to appreciate London.


If it’s possible, try to connect to your country’s society at the university your attending. This again can help you feel more like home, as these people can help you through your first few weeks and also share their experiences with you. Attending parties, meals or meet ups will also make you feel more welcome and meet new social groups.


Lastly, take advantage of the language, try to use this opportunity abroad to become more fluent in English and maybe learn new languages. But when you’re still studying and in a new country, what you should do is explore. This could be by visiting London’s iconic landmarks, such as, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and so on or visiting museums, galleries or others. This will help you put your mind into something new and not think about your home country. Apart from visiting landmarks around London, you should also look forward to visiting other cities as well.


Making new friends is also the principle for you to enjoy your stay in London. New friends can help cure your homesickness as they will distract you from thinking. These new friends can help get you through your toughest times and also give you advice. Hopefully, these tips will make your first few weeks in a new city a lot less stressful. Also, don’t forget your umbrella because London can be a lot rainier than you think.