South London Students: Greenwich University

Every university has their own traditions. Students from the same university and Halls tend to go to the same pubs and clubs, have their own inside jokes and know the area they live in very well. 

If you have only been to one university and lived in one area, it is hard to know what it means to be a student anywhere else. Talking to a student that lives in another part of London is a great way to find out the best places to go to, especially the student nights!

I spoke to Alice, a 19-year-old student, currently studying International Business at Greenwich University, to find out what it is like to be a student there, from the course she is on to the best pubs to go to in the area.


Q: Which halls do you live in and how did you choose them? 

A: I live in Daniel Defoe Halls. I chose them because they’re not too close to the uni. I like this because I’m not right on top of uni so I can get a bit of a break, there’s a little separation which is nice. I didn’t like the thought of the on campus thing. And it was the nicest area, right by the DLR so I can jump straight on the train to go anywhere. 


Q: Are you enjoying Greenwich? 

A: Yes, its a lovely area. It’s not too hectic, theres not loads of clubs or anything around so it’s a nice quiet area to study in. 


Q:You said there’s not many clubs in Greenwich, so if you were to go on a night out, where would you go? 

A: We have a lot of bars and pubs so we can go for drinks around here, but for big nights out we have to travel further. We’ve been to Elephant and Castle a lot.  


Q: How do you get home when it’s too late for the tube?

A: We get Ubers. You can get £10 off if you refer someone so we do that a lot and share the fares so it’s not too bad.  


Q: Do you wish you lived more central in London?  

A: Yes, definitely. Because it takes about an hour to get to the clubs, we’re sober by the time we get there so then you spend more money. And because we’re students it’s a bit hard, because we’re poor. But I suppose the main reason we’re here is for uni and not clubbing though!  


Q: Aside from the clubs, do you feel like there’s more to do in Central, or do you have enough to do in Greenwich? 

A: There is a lot to offer in Greenwich, but being in Central you can explore more. That’s kind of why I wanted to be in London, because of all the sight seeing and there’s a lot more going on in Central. But because it’s so far away we don’t get to do that as much. 


Q: So you feel like the distance puts you off going? 

A: Yes, definitely. The tubes are quite cheap, but doing it every day, the time and money all adds up.  


Q: What is the best and the worst part of uni life? 

A: Socially it’s very good. The people I live with in Halls are like my London family. I will miss it next year when we move into a house. But I think getting to know so many people from all over the world is my favourite part. The worst part is definitely the work load. Although it takes a while, travelling is not the worst part. The work load is a lot more than expected.  


Q: What would you change about your halls? 

A: We have a no noise tolerance at the moment... No, I wouldn’t really change anything, it’s all kept clean and we have good management. And the location’s good in terms of uni, it’s only a 10 minute walk.  


Q: Would you change anything about your uni or your course? 

A: Personally I’m not enjoying my course at the moment, but all the teachers and lecturers are all really there for you. They’re very easy to go to and very approachable so I think it’s generally a very good uni. So as much as I don’t enjoy my course, I’m really happy with the uni.  


Q: What advice would you give to next year’s freshers? 

A: Just be confident and open when meeting new people. But also, don’t fall behind in your work, just concentrate and know why you’re at uni. Just be grateful that you have the place at uni, so have a good balance between your social life and your studying. And also keep control of your money!  


Q: Compared to how you felt in your first week, how do you feel now? 

A: I think first week I was very nervous, because it’s so daunting not knowing anyone. In terms of uni, it was a big step up from college with the work, but it was an easy way to be settled in, with the lectures. They were all really helpful. And now I just feel like this is normal life. You settle in really quickly, even in the second week I already felt settled. So to next year’s freshers, you’ll be nervous but don’t worry.  


Q: How does the relationship with your uni friends compare to friends you’ve had before? 

A: Friends I have had before, I’ve mostly buillt from being at school together over the years and we’ve grown up together so we know everything about each other and where we have all come from. But being at uni, you have more of a chance to really choose your friends, who you know you’d get on with. You’re not stuck with certain people because you have such a variety of people. I feel like I’m closer to uni friends in ways because we all have to live with each other and we don’t have the security of parents, so we’ve had to become a lot more independent. And living with people you get to see all different sides of people, you see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night - and all the mood swings!