Dealing with Job Rejection

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Don’t take it personally:

"The first thing I did was blame myself but try not to read too much into it. Often when companies interview candidates, they are looking for someone who is better suited to the role" said Kevin Dove, Media Communication graduate. Your performance may have been excellent but you might not have the attributes or experience compared to another candidate that is familiar with the business or has a little more experience.

Get feedback (but don’t die trying):

While it’s quite unlikely you’ll receive any useful feedback out of an employer (due to the high volume of applicants), it may still be worth contacting them.  "You should politely phone or email them saying you would appreciate feedback in order to improve your performance in the future" said Danielle O'Connell, Graphic Design graduate. If your request isn’t met, you could always ask someone to take a mock interview with you and they can give you feedback.

Keep Persevering:

Job hunting can be difficult when you feel like you are getting nowhere, but "the best thing to do to help overcome your disappointment is getting straight back to business. You should approach each new job opportunity with a fresh outlook and approach" said Kamilia Douib, Fashion Print graduate. For instance, you should tailor your CV to best match the job role and fully research and prepare for a new interview.

Keep learning and developing

It's all a frustrating process but it’s important to keep your moral and motivation levels buoyant. "If you find yourself at a post-rejection slump try taking a part-time training course, a charity project, or volunteer in a position in a company of interest" said Kieran Faley, Architecture graduate. This way you will boost your confidence, skills developed, and your experience kept up-to-date. Ultimately, it’s all about turning a negative into a positive and that thick skin you develop through job rejections will serve you well when you eventually get a job. Remember, you are not alone so don’t give up and you’ll get a job eventually!