Clarity vs. Insanity

This time of year is inevitably a tough one to chew, so it’s important that you’re feeding yourself the right stuff to get through it. I’m not about to go off on one about how your diet should be structured, nor am I going to pretend that I know how to live a 5 a day lifestyle. I’m just saying that there are certain ways of managing crunch time- and I don’t mean a granola bar.

We all have different ways of managing our stress levels, our work schedules, and the time we have to ourselves. It’s all about differentiating between a priority and something that can definitely wait. I keep saying and hearing others say the phrase “I’m too busy” and passing it off as an adult term for “I’ve grown up”. Don’t tuck it under your Ikea rug like it’s a natural thing- change it. Personally, I’ve made a lot of time in my week for sport. It’s bloody important to incorporate a way of release from the serious stuff. This could be taking a ten minute bath in silence, posing like a dog on a yoga mat, or literally anything that gives you time to yourself. Mine just happens to be physically pushing someone off of a football.

What I’ve found from spending almost two years at LCC is that the most important aspect is figuring out your own schedule. I have friends who are always in the library because that’s where they get their headspace and creative clarity. I know other people who barely come in because they find other spaces where they work better. Personally, I seem to fly around doing different things constantly and grab my best ideas when I least expect them. But I need my sport to do so. Take a walk with some music and ask yourself whether you’re too busy out of choice, or whether you’ve self-branded as a “Yes(wo)man” and are pleasing too many people without enough hours in your week. I’ve reached the point where I’m working entire weekends, playing football and hockey twice a week, coming to uni three times a week, and interlacing my friendships within all of that. I think that my headspace has opened because I’ve got my sport as something completely separate from all of the things that I “have” to do. But what we need to realise, is that what we also “have” to do, is think about ourselves and our mental clarity.

Find your thing and own it. It’s fair enough wanting to master whatever you’re studying, but Hunter S. Thompson didn’t create Fear and loathing in Las Vegas whilst sitting in a library. Immerse yourself in the glorious city around you and find your release. Go to the cinema by yourself. Sit on a park bench and chain smoke the shit out of your over-priced Amber Leaf. Just find a release and own it. Creativity can’t be purchased in Cass Art, and neither can your sanity.