Best way to burn excessive calories whilst having fun!

Some of us want to lose weight but are unenthusiastic and demotivated - the whole process of working out is not only exahusting but boring and monotonous. Unfortunately this one of the main reasons why some of us either give up on exercising altogetheer.


We all want to be fit and in good shape without having to do the usual squats, push ups, lunges etc. But there is no other way to pump us up so we give up half way - nothing seems to keep us going so we stop. However, there is always a solution to every problem; fortunately methods that can boost our mood whilst drained in sweat exist. There is one method that works best for a lot of people and it definitely worked for me. 


Dancing is revealed to be one of the most effetive methods used by many who choose to stay fit as well as lose weight. Depending on the type of music used, number of calories burned varies. For example, contemorary, fast-paced music with quick tempo encourages rapid body movement. Also, time spent dancing is an important factor to keep in mind - it is advised to dance for at least 30 minutes daily before you can see any changes. With that in mind, it is pretty much useless if you do not alter your eating habits. Following a healthy diet that does not exceed the standard calorie intake ( 1,200-1,800 for females and 1,800-2,200 for males) will prove great results in weight loss. If you happen to accidently over eat then that will just mean more minutes or maybe even hours, added to your dancing routine. 


Dancing might not seem that much of encouragement to some who prefer to do it with a bunch of other people to help boost their motivation. Zumba classes are very popular and it is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy dancing alongside strangers or maybe invite some friends to join you - it only gets better! What is even beeter is that it is an opportunity to make new friends and socialise with others who share same mindset as yourself; dance the weight away! On the other hand, some might be embarrasses to join dance classes so dancing at home is fine although I recommend hiring a dance studio room for a few hours if you could afford to. 


Hopefully, as you are reading this, you are creating a dance work out song playlist and adding multiple songs to burn those calories! At first it might seem difficult because dancing is not everyone's forte, but who cares? It is all about enjoyment, having fun and at the same time witnessing those extra pounds dance their way out of your body. It is worth the effort.