5 Reasons to Join a Society

There are currently around 50 clubs and societies at UAL, involving thousands of students and offering countless possibilities. However, the majority of students are still reluctant to join one – and miss out on one of the best things that university life has to offer. Here’s why you should definitely sign up to a society of your choice – or start one.

1. It’s the easiest way to meet friends

Exciting as it is, London can sometimes feel a bit lonely. While it’s buzzing with people, very often everyone seems to be minding their own business, and it can be hard to meet someone new. The same is true about UAL – you’ll quickly notice how difficult it is to network with students on other courses.  Joining a society connects you with a group of people with similar interests. You’ll be meeting regularly, working together, and chances are good that you’ll become best mates!

2. It helps you develop your passions

Whether it’s rugby or ballet, role playing or volunteering, UAL societies cater to a wide range of interests. Society members learn not only from each other, but also from external tutors, trainers or guest speakers. If your hobby isn’t represented, you can always start a new society! For instructions, check this link.

3. It gives you opportunities for collaboration

What happens when a film student, a budding journalist and a young sound designer come together? We don’t know yet – but we’re excited to see! Societies allow you to network with a variety of people with different skills, and collaborate on projects you come up with. You’ll get valuable experience and connections, not to mention have a lot of fun!

4. It looks great on your CV

Many employers like people who have been involved with extracurricular activities. It shows that you have enthusiasm and initiative, and can manage your time effectively. Societies also facilitate developing new skills, organising events and creating projects that will give your resumé a boost.

5. You’ll get free money

All UAL societies are funded by SUARTS – the UAL Students’ Union. Your budget can be spent on anything from high-profile guest speakers to art materials - or food and costumes for a theme party! Many societies also secure sponsorship from relevant companies. Who doesn’t like freebies?!

Visit the SUARTS page to see a list of existing societies - or come to the Freshers Fair to meet them all!