Moving Homes

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Moving into a stress free home

Moving, especially for the first time can be daunting. Did you know there are lots of ways to keep on top of things like hiring a man and van to help you move. offers customers the right to choose and select their preferences on bids that they have placed, and choose the deal that is right for them. Most drivers of vans allow charging of whole removals rather than by rate of hour so you can get your money’s worth for less.

Also you should pack your boxes beforehand as the removal company are very unlikely to do this for you and they will also ask for a charge in return for sealing these boxes for you. The removal van is also extremely likely not to move your stuff to your new home if you don’t pack it and seal it beforehand.

Make sure that when you move you keep a box marked with all your essentials (things you will need when you first move into your new place). Amongst these things keep a spare bowl, plate, glass and mug at hand with a cutlery set as you will need these. Also give yourself teabags, biscuits and milk to keep yourself going through the busy period of time.

Finally relax, put a nice big smile on your face and stay calm as it will help move forward with all these things and more.

By Recka Begum