Making London Cheap as Chips

When I'm in my hometown, an unheard of place in the Southwest, whenever I tell someone that I study in London they seem to go into an accute state

Wimbledon Sculpture

WCA Sculpture, class of 2014

So, it's nearly 2015! I've asked a few friends from my year from Wimbledon Sculpture to summerise what they have been up to since graduation...

Angela's advice

Angela shares both her struggles and her tips for over coming the language barrier and being more open.

Thank so much Angela

Top tips for surviving third year

These costume ladies have got it all under control- Don't PANIC!

Top Tip for final year:

Immerse yourself in your course

Freshers Top Tips

We had fun meeting you all at the freshers on the 25th September at CSM Kings Cross.


PHD Student Magz shares what stresses her out and how to overcome it. Thanks Magz


We asked Ruby to describe how she felt about starting university in 3 words, her words were Excited, Terrified and Nervous! What will yours be?


Nervous, Excited, anxious?


Worried about sharing a house next term? fear not, Nick has some valuable advice!


We asked Carolina what she thought all home students should know about international students?


Madeleine who studied Costume Interpretation at Wimbledon shares her top 3 tips for 3rd year students and the best places to go for materials.


Tips on getting along with housemates and finding paid work while studying  


Rachel has just finished studying on the foundation course at LCC and she shares her top tip for new students studying in London.