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Dealing with Job Rejection

Trying to get a job can be frustrating and dispiriting experience. However, rejections are an inevitable part of the job hunt process. It’s how you learn from them and move on that really matter. Here are some tips to help keep your confidence intact:

Stay Motivated

Some mornings it can be hard to convince yourself to get out of bed and go to your lecture, or continue working on your project.

What Do I Want To Bring?

One of my favourite things about studying Fine Art, as I'm sure it is for many art/design students on their respective courses, is that we have a g

Being a Shy Student

Starting university can be scary – and things certainly aren’t easier if you’re a quiet student who doesn’t make friends easily. The good news is: you’re not alone!

With a little help from our friends

Thinking of what to write this week, I thought about my post last week, and the decisions I was making now, and how this might have been different had I been given different advice while I was studying.


Nervous, Excited, anxious?


Worried about sharing a house next term? fear not, Nick has some valuable advice!


We asked Carolina what she thought all home students should know about international students?


Madeleine who studied Costume Interpretation at Wimbledon shares her top 3 tips for 3rd year students and the best places to go for materials.



I'm a UK home student - still living at home in Surrey - and studying FdA Illustration in London.

Video for New Students

Alison a second year student from CSM has made this short film with her tips for getting on, making the most of and enjoying your time at universit